How to link Pan Card to Aadhaar Card

Its easy link pan card to Aadhaar card online follow the following steps.  Before Proceeding following step keep Aadhaar Card and Pan Card with you.

Step 1: click on given below link

It will redirect you to on link Aadhaar to Pan Card page.

Step 2: Enter the Pan Card Number in "PAN*" tab

Step 3: Enter Aadhaar card Number in "Aadhaar Number*" tab

Step 4 :  Enter your Name in "Name as per AADHAAR*" tab
- Note here you ensure that "Name as per AADHAAR *" is exactly the same as printed on your Aadhaar Card.

Step 5:  If your Aadhaar Card have only year of birth like YYYY (i.e 1992 ) you should Select "I have only year of birth in Aadhaar Card"

- In the case if your Aadhar card have full birth date like MM/DD/YYYY i.e 01/01/2001 then no need to select on "I have only year of birth in Aadhaar Card"

Step 6 : select tab "I agree to validate my Aadhar details with UIDAI"

Step 7 : here you have two option 1 type Captcha code given in Image in "Enter the code as in the above image *" tab

- OR you can select "Rquest OTP" Option then Enter your mobile number for OTP.

Step 8 : Click on "Link Aadhhar" button.

- After compeleting step you Pan Card will link to Aadhar card succesffully.